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There is nothing more organic than pottery. Made from the five sacred elements – Earth, Wind, Fire,

Water and Love…

At Zonies, we have over 25 potters, mostly local, some regional and national. All very unique and of the

highest quality. We select each Potter based on their design, glaze, artistic quality, functionality, and

them as people – their love for pottery and what they stand for. We stand behind each carefully

selected piece to ensure that they will give our guests years of enjoyment.

There are different firing techniques that our artists use and some use a combination of one or more.

1. Electric Firing/Oxidation Firing – This is typically done in an electric kiln. Oxygen is free to

interact with the glazes and allows very bright, rich colors. High or low temperatures may be


 Some of our artist that use this type of firing technique are:

 Rick Fitch

 Lisa Howe

 Jackie Jackson

 Mike Upp

 Ben Roti

 Sarah Harms

2. Reduction Firing – This is primarily is done in a gas kiln, since the corrosive effects wear out the

elements on and electric kiln. Oxygen is prevented from interacting with glazes during the glaze

maturation. This is done by adjusting the amount of gas used in the kiln. This process gives the

pottery a mottled, rich, and muted colors. Sometime pottery made in a gas kiln has a speckled

look. Gas fired pottery is extremely hardy.

 Some of our artists that use this type of firing technique are:

 Gary Houston

 Galen – Del Terra

 Tim Hull – American Art Studio

3. Wood Firing – Wood is used as the burning agent. Kilns or pit firing or large holes are dug in the

ground. Wood and pots are placed in together and covered. This type of heat process give the

pottery a very organic, primitive/ancient look and feel.

 Some of our artists that use this type of firing technique are:

 Jason Bonert

4. Raku Firing – This process takes the pots that have been fired and while still glowing-hot, taken

from the kiln they are put into a reduced atmosphere, such as a metal can filled with an agent

such as pine needles, newspaper, leaves, etc…. this will bring out intense colors. After cooling,

the pottery is either plunged in cold water which can give it a crackling affect or feathers, horse

hair, snake skin, etc… is vaporized on to the piece. In Raku, unglazed areas of clay become black

due to the carbon from the fire. When the carbon is peeled off the glazed areas, they reveal


 Some of our artists that use this type of firing technique are:

 Vicente Garcia

 Les Mitchell


The glazes used by each potter is their secrete sauce. Each artist prides themselves on the

variation of color and their color combinations. The glazes start out as powder and are mixed

with water and other agents to achieve the desired look. This is done through the artists

intentional chemistry. The glazes, once applied look very different, very bland when applied to

the clay. It is only when the pottery and glaze is fired together that results in the dramatic

colors and brightness.

The Clay

Potters use different types of clay found locally or through out the country. There are different

types of clay and colors of clay. There is also Porcelain clay which is more expensive to use and

much more difficult to work with as it is a finer clay. Some of our potters add sand, earth,

sediment, silt and water from Sedona so that each piece contains the energy of the land and

Oak Creek.

We invite you to visit our gallery to see in person, the different techniques used to create these

stunning pieces of functional art. We can also send you pictures or walk you through the gallery

on Zoom/Facetime.

Earth’s Beautiful Creation - Onyx Lamps

One of the most beautiful artistic creations that Zonies Galleria carries are the Onyx Lamps. Each one,

direct from the earths tapestry of rainbow crystals is unique and one of a kind. These beautiful

rock/crystal lamps are hand made and come in various shapes, colors and sizes. The stone itself is

harvested in Mexico – known for the finest quarries of Onyx. Each piece is cut from a single section/vein

of onyx. The cylinder shaped Onyx lamps are taken from a single solid chunk of raw Onyx then cut,

hollowed out, sanded smooth, and then a light fixture or two are added. The squares and rectangle

Onyx lamps are also taken from a single slab of Onyx then cut, polished, and mitered together (think of

granite counter tops) with the addition of light fixtures. These beautiful lamps can range in size from

one foot tall to six feet. Onyx is known for its variety of bright colors and translucent properties. It is an

extremely hard crystal, yet glows when lit up.

What is Onyx and How is it Formed?

Onyx/Chalcedony is calcified sediment from lakes and ponds that are millions of years old. The different

colors come from the mineral content of the sediment and pressure created as more mass accumulates

on top of it over a vast period of time. Many of the color combinations are limited based on the veins

uncovered and the minerals in that vein. This means that when one connects with a piece, its best to

purchase it as the color combination may never be found again.

A Rainbow of Colors

Onyx come in a wide variety of colors. Some even contain shapes of stalactite’s and other anomalies.

Below is a list of colors we have had and may currently have in our gallery:

 Aqua

 Pink

 Emerald Green and Variations of Green

 Light, Dark and Neon Blue

 Earth Tones – Brown, Black, Grey

 Yellow

 Orange

 Red

 Purple

 Clear

 White

Healing aspects of Onyx

Onyx is a type of Chalcedony, which is a nurturing stone said to promote relationships, positive energy

and absorb negative energy. It is believed to bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony.

Chalcedony/Onyx can instill feelings of benevolence and generosity. It alleviates hostility and

transforms melancholy into joy. It eases self-doubt while creating openness and enthusiasm. This

crystal absorbs and dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and bad dreams.

Our Onyx lamps add beauty, ambiance and healing energy to any home. On dimmers they can be subtle

or brilliant in their appearance. They are truly an interactive, meaningful addition to ones environment.

Zonies Galleria has a wide variety of Onyx lamps in different sizes, shapes, color combinations and price

ranges. We have shipped the Onyx lamps through-out the United states and Internationally. Call or

email us to see our current selection. We are happy to Facetime or send pictures of our inventory to


Regional and Local Jewelry

At Zonies Galleria in Sedona, we have a wide selection of regional and local jewelry. Each artist creates a

reflection of their version of beauty, style, function and creativity. With almost 20 different jewelry

artists, we carry silver, brass, nickel, bronze, copper, crystal and various metal jewelry. We have

earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants. Some of the types of jewelry include:

 Crystals

 Turquoise

 Pearl

 Trade Bead

 Butter Fly

 Solid Silver and 925 Silver

 Natural and Heat Treated Copper Resulting in Vibrant Colors

 Bronze, Nickle, and Brass

 Wood

 Steel

 Coins

 Silk

 And More….

We are constantly bringing in new artists to have a fun, diverse and unique offering of regional and local

Sedona jewelry. Call or come in to see what we have.

Sandstone Sculptures

Sedona and Northern Arizona is home to some of the country’s most spectacular Sandstone structures.

Hiking throughout Sedona you will see beautiful Sandstone rock formations. At Zonies Galleria, you will

find these beautiful, natural creations in many different forms. Our Sandstone comes from the Sedona

area and is harvested in large slabs. These slabs are then brought to our artists shop where they are

carved and sculpted into different shapes ranging from small to large sculptures, spheres, coasters, tea-

light holders, planters, hearts and more…

How Sandstone is Formed

Sandstone is formed between 180 to 220 million years ago (the early part of the Late Triassic period) by

wind, and water as part of the geological formation “Shinarump”. The colors and designs were

introduced by mineral springs containing iron oxides. Nature’s most beautiful paintings! Our Sandstone

is from the Sedona area. The designs patterns are natural and its color is achieved by heat treating the

stone, to bring out more of the natural color. By adding heat, it causes the iron oxide to oxidize. The

richer the iron content, the deeper the color red.

Healing Benefits

Sandstone is good for creativity and relationships. It said to uncover truth and is used for recharge and

rejuvenation. It is ideal for balance and stability of moods. Many people use sandstone during

shamanic journeys, connecting to enlightenment and the Devine.

At Zonies Galleria in Sedona, we carry a wide selection of beautiful Sandstone sculptures ranging in sizes

from a silver dollar to two and half feet tall. These natural creations add natural beauty to one’s home,

bringing with them, the energy and memory of Sedona. They are organic, grounding, and beautiful –

enhancing the ambiance of your office, living room, family room, entry way, fire place, mental, hallway,

bedroom or outside. Call today to find out about our current selection.

Local Photography

Sedona is known for its beautiful red rock formations, green juniper and pine trees, blues sky’s, black

ravens, incredible sunsets, memorizing sunrises, cascading oak creek waters and an overall feeling of

balance, appreciation, mystery, serenity, joy, and awe!

Our local photographers capture the essence and energy of Sedona with every shot. Their photos are

put on light weight metal backings for a crisp vibrant, clear resolution picture. These photographs range

in size from 8 x 12 inches to 24 x 36 inches and larger, including custom sizes. We have selected three

local photographers to host their work:

Linda Johnson

Grazina Wade

Doug Andrews

All three have lived in Sedona for many years and have a deep appreciation for the beauty and majesty

of Sedona, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. You will recognize the vistas, ranges,

trails and places they capture.

Bring home a beautiful memory of Sedona and it majestic landscapes to hang on your wall.

Handmade Mesquite Lamp

Mesquite is prized for its stability, swirling grain and variance in color and come from the Southwest.

The wood has a warm color, almost like cherry, and a lot of character. It is an extremely hard wood that

does not shrink and swell appreciably when subjected to extremes in moisture conditions. The grain has

a fine- to medium-textured open-grain, ranging from straight to wavy. The wood has a natural luster and

may have ingrown bark and mineral streaks.

Our Mesquite lamps are hand made and range in size from small to extremely large. The growth rings in

the mesquite lamps tell the story of their life and with it comes, worm hole borrows, remains of fire, a

beautiful inclusions, different variations of color and texture, and more. Some have holes or are

uniquely shaped.

Each one is truly unique. The artists, who makes our lamps follow the individual crevasses in the wood

and inlay ground turquoise and resin. Each turquoise design created on both sides of the lamp follow

the natural cracks.

Our lamps are then fitted with a hand made Copper shade. The shades have different patterns such as

feathers, mountains, sunbursts, hash marks, nail holes and more. They range in color from natural

copper to patina blue or patina green complimenting the copper color.

These beautiful mesquite lamps are truly a signature piece in anyone’s, living room, family room, bed

room, study, office, hallway or patio.

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